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Anxiety Attacks and Disorders Symptoms

It's still worth a debate whether a person can have this attack. However, the vast majority of professionals who deals with this often affirm that this anxiety attack does exist. They even have outlined the symptoms of mild anxiety attack. The first major series of symptoms is the feeling of fear.

It's a fear that wasn't provoked in the first place. Before you know it, fear is already creeping in your body and you can't stop it. It will be long before your body will react to this situation. Your system will naturally react by releasing adrenalin to your body. Adrenalin could be good in certain condition and in this situation; it will trigger symptoms of mild anxiety attack.

One of these symptoms you'll immediately notice is heart palpitations. Your heart rate increases quite fast and you practically feel that it's pounding really hard in your chest. The next reaction is dizziness and a feeling of light headedness. Everything becomes unreal and you think it's not the same anymore, things will change and you'll think you're not there anymore.

Lastly you may feel that you are about to die. This feeling of doom is natural to all of the panic attacks. A sense of danger and in the end the feeling of dying is always there. Judging from the symptoms of this anxiety attack, we may think that this is the same as a major anxiety attack. That's right; but there's one essential component of the first that made the most important difference. When we experience the symptoms of mild anxiety attack, we immediately acknowledge that we are experiencing this and we know we can control it.

Acute anxiety attacks are usually debilitating when unchecked since the person is unconscious in what is happening in the surroundings. On the other hand, when you realize that you have these symptoms, you have to address them immediately. Even though you know that it can be controlled, it doesn't mean we have to leave it as it is. Your heart beat will still go real fast and you might have a heart attack. Fear will always be there unless you control it.

When an anxiety attack happens, stop whatever you do and breathe deeply. You don't need medical attention since you can easily do this by yourself. Being conscious of what is happening in our body is the key in curing ourselves of mild anxiety attack.

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