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Changing the Way We Think When we Quit Smoking

Successfully quitting smoking is often largely a matter of changing how we think about cigarettes, smoking, and ourselves as smokers. Believe it or not, changing your thoughts can have a powerful influence in helping you quit. By examining your reasons for smoking, your beliefs about the need to smoke, and developing some very clear reasons to stop smoking, you will be able to take the first step towards designing your own smoking cessation program. If smoking is something you use to help you cope with stress, you can develop other means of relaxing and dealing with life's challenges including meditation, exercise, social activities, and so on.

Instead of thinking of the cigarette as something that will bring you relief, learn to view it as something that causes problems, restricts your freedom, costs you too much money, creates barriers between you and your loved ones, etc. You may find it helpful to look for humor in your situation, as well as view yourself and your addiction with the sympathy of an outside observer, as you struggle with faulty lighters, observe the burn marks on your belongings, or search desperately for a misplaced pack. Gain some objectivity, and take a brave look at the destructive influences smoking has had on your life.

Then create a clear image of yourself as someone who no longer needs to smoke. Imagine the relief of not having to find ways to fit in a smoke, and the money you will save. What are just a few of the ways you might make better use of that money? Think of some fun things you can do with friends or family, or decide on a treat just for you.

Read about success stories and the different methods of quitting that others have found useful in order to help envision your own successful road to becoming smoke-free. Learning to see quitting as something that countless of others succeed at every day will help put you in the right frame of mind. It is natural that you will encounter some obstacles, but having clearly defined goals and rewards, as well as asking for the support of friends and family, will help you stay on track.

There are many resources available to help you quit smoking, from hypnosis sessions or tapes, to nicotine replacement products, support groups, and much more. Incorporate several approaches that appeal to you, for your greatest chance of success, and look forward to a healthier future. Have a plan decided on ahead of time to help make each step of the way that much easier, and don't give up.

The choice to create a healthier, happier lifestyle for you and your loved ones is within your reach.

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