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Diabetic Supplies Make Sure You Travel With All the Necessary Supplies

Diabetes is a serious disease. It tends to cause a lot of discomfort to the patient and can even fatal in nature if not taken special care. Since diabetes is a chronic disease, it does not have any permanent cure. However, with proper care and treatment, one can expect to live a long and happy life with this disease.

People with diabetes are advised to take some special diets, medicines and other important things that can keep their sugar levels in control. This is really easy when it comes to day to day activities. It can really be difficult to follow certain regime when they travel. This results in a lot of complications in their health. If taken special care, one can easily stay away from any kind of complications and keep the disease in control. A) If you are a diabetic and planning to travel out of city, follow the tips mentioned below in order to ensure safe health: a) Use a small lunch bag with icepacks.

Make sure that the bag is insulated. b) Take your glucose meter. c) Meet your health care practitioner before you set out for the trip. This will provide you an idea of your overall health. You would also come to know about the type of medications you need to carry in case of emergency. d) Purchase all your medicines and supplies required for the trip beforehand.

It is not necessary that you get the medicine prescribed by your doctor at a foreign place easily. Make a list of supplies you would actually require. e) Keep a record of phone number you can call up in case of an emergency. You should also keep the phone number of your doctor handy. f) Ask your doctor to plan a diet for you.

Make sure that your doctor knows where you are heading to. He will plan the diet accordingly. There are also certain restrictions on people to take medicines and medical supplies abroad. Hence, you need to inform your screener that you have diabetes and are carrying certain supplies along with you. B) Here is a list of some of the supplies and equipments related to diabetes that are allowed via the checkpoint as soon as these have been screened: a) Urine keton test strips b) Insulin; Insulin loaded dispensing products identified by a prescriptions label. The label should contain a name that matches the name of the passenger as on the ticket.

c) Insulin pump: Insulin pump supplies d) Liquid prescription medicines e) Emergency kit with a prescription label clearly mentioned the name of the patient. f) Liquid and gel containers for treating hypoglycemia g) Blood glucose meters; Blood glucose meters test strips h) Continuous blood glucose monitors i) Alcohol swabs; Lancets j) Meter testing solutions; Monitor supplies k) Unused syringes with insulin or any other medicine that is injectable (Unlimited number) l) Essential non-prescription liquid medication with label clearly mentioning the name of the patient m) Used syringes transported in disposal container or any other hard surface container. You need to be really careful when carrying diabetic supplies while on the trip. Don't forget anything that's essential and you can't do without.

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