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How Good Is The Best Life Diet

The Best Life Diet is a well-known lifestyle weight loss program. It is famously known as one of the diets supported by Oprah Winfrey. Determined people following this plan can expect gradual weight loss and better health over time. It is relatively easy to follow, with only three phases, very few restrictions, and steady lifestyle changes that enhance weight loss.

The initial stage of the diet is known as Phase One, and lasts up to a month. During this stage, dieters gradually begin to exercise and change their dietary habits.

Dieters are encouraged to eat three meals and one snack every day, avoid eating two hours before bed, and take vitamins every day. Unlike some other diet plans, Phase One of the Best Life plan is more followable and gives dieters a greater chance at achieving success with this plan.

Phase Two of the plan lasts approximately four weeks or longer, depending on how well your diet is proceeding.

During this phase, dieters continue pursuing a healthy approach to eating and increased physical activity. Dieters also resolving some of the underlying issues that prevent weight loss, such as appetite control issues and emotional eating. Dieters monitor their progress with weekly weigh-ins and develop healthy diet and exercise habits that allow them to reach their desired weight.

Phase Three is the maintenance stage, a phase found in many lifestyle weight loss programs.

During phase three, dieters try to cut more unhealthy foods from their diets and eat more wholesome, unprocessed foods. People can still eat a wide variety of foods, even the foods that are not considered healthy, in moderation. This balanced eating plan allows dieters to eat the foods they love without feeling guilty or deprived. Dieters also stick to an exercise plan in order to maintain a healthy weight.

One of the best things about the Best Life plan is the number of foods that you are permitted to eat. During Phases One and Two, very few foods are actually restricted, but there are six categories of foods that you must avoid eating. These foods are deep fried foods, white bread, sodas, foods containing trans-fats, regular pasta made with refined flour (whole grain pasta is allowed), and high-fat dairy products.

Dieters can eat these foods again during the third phase, but for at least two months during the Phase One and Two, these foods are all banned.

The Best Life plan offers a reasonable and sensible plan for losing weight, but even the best diet plans will not work if dieters are unable to stick to them. The toughest aspect of this and other weight loss plans is staying dedicated and being able to successfully beat the mental obstacles that prevent weight loss. This is the reason why weight loss hypnosis is an ideal complement to any diet. Hypnotherapy is excellent as a weight loss tool because it resolves the underlying issues that prevent dieters from losing weight.

One issue hypnosis therapy successfully treats is emotional eating.

People develop the habit of emotional eating when they consume food to cope with their emotions, such as when they feel bored or worried. This results in a conditioned response so people tend to crave eating when they experience specific emotions, even when they arent actually hungry. Hypnosis therapy works by helping the unconscious break the association between food and our emotions. When we no longer feel compelled to eat, we experience automatic appetite regulation and can finally lose weight.

Motivation is another area in which hypnosis therapy can help a failing dieter. Hypnosis therapy prevents dieters from forgetting their reasons for wanting to lose weight and keeps them committed. Some of the questions men and women on the Best Life plan are instructed to think about are how they became overweight, what their reasons for wanting to lose weight are, and what has kept them from losing weight and keeping it off. A well designed hypnosis therapy program will also confront these questions to make people consciously and unconsciously feel a duty to lose weight. Hypnotic therapy helps people maintain a positive attitude and stick to their weight reduction goals.

In the Best Life plan, the keys to success for taking off weight are in portion size control, selecting healthy and filling foods, and getting regular physical activity. These things help men and women naturally lose weight. You can get this natural weight reduction through hypnosis therapy by teaching yourself techniques from a quality weight loss hypnotherapy CD program. Combined with the Best Life plan, hypnosis therapy is a safe and effective weight reduction tool that can help all men and women become fit and trim for life.


About the Author (text)Alan B. Densky, CH has spent 30 years specializing in weight loss. He offers several ways to lose weight, including dieting CDs and hypnotism for weight loss DVD. Visit his hypnosis for self help self-improvement website for Free hypnosis downloads and videos.

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