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Is salsa dancing food for your Soul and Heart and Body

Salsa rhythm is felt in your body, heart and soul. Salsa dancing can bring tons of passion into your relationship, and indeed, rekindle a relationship that may have lost its spark. Salsa dancing is so much fun and that is what unites us all together.

Modern salsa remains a dance-oriented genre and is closely associated with a style of salsa dancing. And the most dramatic visible effect that Salsa dancing had on me was when I lost the excess weight that was on my body. Salsa refers to a fusion of informal dance styles having roots in the Caribbean (especially in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the United States), Latin and North America. Salsa incorporates multiple styles and variations; the term can be used to describe most any form of popular Cuban-derived genre, such as chachach and mambo. Salsa is a fun, sexy and social dance.

Salsa Dancing is like talking, but you show tone of voice through movement. Dancing "On 1" is like dancing to the melody of the music,while dancing "On 2" is like dancing in the rhythm of the music. An interesting rambling essay byArthur Greenburg on the various ways of latin dancing, with a particular focus on New Yorkstyles in the 1950's which are the basis of how we dance here now. Salsa Dancing is developing all over the world. African-Americans increasingly have been drawn to salsa dancing through this exposure, through Latino friends, dance schools and clubs and plain old serendipity.

It is conventional in salsa for the two musical measures to be considered as one, so the count goes from 1 to 8 over two musical bars and the tempo is played from 80-140 beats per minute. Musical updates directly from Cuba were impeded by politics after Fidel Castro rose to power, and travel restrictions imposed by the U. There is a strong Afro-Caribbean influence in the music as well as the dance.

Various music writers and historians have traced the use of salsa to early periods of the 20th century. In the 1980s some performers experimented with combining elements of salsa with hip hop music, while the producer and pianist Sergio George helped to revive salsa's commercial success. There are lessons dedicated to the art of salsa styling. Salsa instructors are available to teach group Salsa lessons in nightclubs, private functions or parties, corporate events.

If you are unsure about whether or not salsa lessons are for you, here are some benefits to attending salsa classes and social dancing. The Physical Health Benefits of Salsa are a wonderful form of cardiovascular exercise. Also, students taking salsa lessons get to rotate and meet many new people and learn to feel good about themselves in a learning environment, which can be difficult to accomplish. Go to YouTube to find Latin Dance and Salsa lessons. There are tons of Salsa dance videos with step-by-step instruction and that will guide you through the dance basics.

Quality instructional Videos are precise and very easy to follow. As a supplement to lessons in order to speed up your learning I also highly recommend video in the privacy of your own home. Steps can be travelling or on the spot; a bit like groovy walking three paces at a time with a pause thrown in. Typically the quick steps are on beats one and two, and the slow step is actually a quick on beat three followed by pause or tap on beat four. The dance steps currently being danced to salsa music come from the son, but were influenced by many other Cuban dances such as Mambo.

Cuban dancing may not look as showy as other types of Salsa dancing. Influences are Ladies's Styling, additional men's leading techniques and styling, shines, music appreciation and transposing from Salsa On2 to Salsa On1 or Cuban Salsa. With the influx of Puerto Rican and Cuban immigrants in America since the 1950's, a unique Afro-Caribbean diaspora was in play.

Cubans with enough passion and determination can reach high feats in salsa dancing because of there natural movement and feel for the music. While percussion instruments layer several different rhythmic patterns simultaneously, the clave rhythm is the foundation of salsa. The rhythm structure is based on either the 2/3 or 3/2 son clave, and the sound is one very much associated with Puerto Rican or New Yorican bands, such as El Gran Combo & Tito Puente. Directly or indirectly, all the other instruments and the singers in the band are guided and structured by the clave rhythms. Salsa dancing is incredibly popular throughout Latin America and the United States, and is gaining popularity in Europe and elsewhere.

Salsa dancing is an excellent way to widen your social circle and improve your fitness. Salsa dancing is an opportunity for self-expression and relaxation.

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