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Funny Jokes
101 Fun Joke's has funny jokes, blonde jokes, dirty jokes and lots of very funny pictures. Check out our funny joke of the day and the latest adult joke's, political humor, and other funny stuff. Subscribe to our hilarious weekly newsletter packed with laughs!

We've got lots of jokes from squeaky clean jokes to downright dirty jokes in hundreds of hilarious categories. Weekly jokes newsletter, monthly contests, email a joke to a friend and so much more. The internet's largest joke collection!

Dirty Jokes
Dirty Jokes that are just dirty and dirtier.

Adult Jokes
Adult jokes that'll have you busting your gut.

Blonde Jokes
Blonde Jokes - Q. What does a blonde owl say? A. What, what?

Dirty Jokes
We got the best dang jokes you're gonna find! We got a whole bunch of dirty jokes, redneck jokes, funny bar jokes to get ya laughing non-stop!

All the jokes you could possibly want are all here at Joke Joke. With a name like Joke Joke what more would you expect? We've got all the best Blonde Jokes, Dirty Jokes and Top Ten Lists around!

Blonde Jokes
Blonde jokes are bound to be funny on this site. Blonde jokes are not only funny and leave you laughing but they are dumb too.

Joke of the Day
You wanna funny joke of the day? Well we gotta shit load.

Funny Jokes
Funny Jokes that'll have you chuckling out-loud.

Bar Jokes
Bar jokes are funny and are lots of fun to read.

Vicky's Jokes has animal jokes, blonde jokes, sex jokesand lots of very funny pictures.

Office Humor
Our Office Humor and jokes will leave you bustin' with laughter in your office cubical.

We'll keep you in stitches with hilarious jokes, funny pictures, great joke sites and more!

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