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Consider These Plants - Reduce Your Pollen Exposure

Allergies and Tree Selections

Many people wonder why so many people today seem to have allergies. It seems that more people today than 50 years ago are suffering. I know of a school that can not have peanut butter present because one child could suffer life a threatening reaction if exposed to peanut butter. Could our trees that we are planting also be a cause? There has been changes in our urban and rural tree planting to adjust for such plant deseases as the Dutch Elm Disease. Our elm trees which were very common in the landscape has all but disappeared. This tree had little air born pollen because this tree is mostly pollinated by insects. (Elms have both male and female flowers present on each tree.) Thus elms can cause less allergy problems for people. Since 1949 our USDA, through its yearbook, has recommended trees which are males because they are less messy. No acorns and no fruit but alas more pollen. So what is recommended as suitable for urban plantings does effect the total amount of pollen in the air. Selections should be made with pollen production in mind. Trees with high pollen production should be kept out of urban planting if possible. This is even more important in high density urban areas such as schools, nursing homes, hospitals, and as street trees in downtown areas. Trees with high pollen production should never be near fresh air ducts for buildings. Municipalities should incorporate pollen production of trees into land use regulations. Lists of trees that are allowed in land use plans should reflect good health factors for our communities. Think of all the law suits that could be derived as a result of poor planning.

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