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Teen Depression Is There A Hopeful Outlook

Teen depression strikes one in five children. This is a very frightening number. Depression is anything but a good thing. It happens to anyone, in any lifestyle, in any income range. Most of the time, it will not be noticed until it becomes a large problem. This should be the most sobering of all news about this epidemic.

Yet, one thing that is hopeful about teen depression is that more and more individuals are learning about it and in this area of health, knowledge is power. Tips To Noticing Depression In Teens Teens are typically quite unpredictable, but when it comes to their health parents as well as friends should keep an eye out for these things and other things such as: * Sudden changes in their mood, appetite or weight can be indications of depression. While these things can also be something that is attributed to just being an adolescent, when it is coupled with other conditions, it should be taken note of. * A loss of interest in doing the things that they used to love to do can be depression. Now, this is not necessarily something from their childhood, but something within the past few months. Perhaps they enjoyed horseback riding and just stopped doing it within the last months.

* Traumatic situations can cause teen depression to come on fast. For example, divorce or separation of their parents, death, economic changes, or even just friendship and significant other changes. Often, teens blame themselves for these conditions.

* A lack of emotion is a sign that something is definitely wrong. If they do not seem happy any more, for any reason, there may or may not be something bothering them. Depression doesn't have to be brought on by something, it can just be there. * Pulling away from family, friends and from school is something many teens with depression find themselves doing. They just withdraw into their own world.

This is not normal teen behavior but a serious condition. One thing that must be said about teen depression is that this is a serious, life threatening condition and one in which help should be sought for as soon as possible. There are many tragic stories of young teens harming themselves because they are suffering from depression and no one took notice.

Finally, on the good note, those teens that do get treatment for the depression that they are experiencing can actually recover quickly and completely from it and get back into doing the things they love to do. Talk to your doctor if you feel that you have been in any of these conditions or you know someone that is. They can determine what is happening and get life back on track for you. So learn more about teen depression and depression in general and get help now or help a friend in need.

Sandy Baker is a well respected writer and recommends visiting a good teen depression site, to learn more about this, as this is a major issue affecting most teens.

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