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The Best Way To Lose Weight Ten Top Tips On The Road To A New You

It is widely known and accepted that 90 per cent of dieters who follow a diet fail to lose weight permanently. This is because diets are too restrictive for permanent weight loss, people either come away from the diet soon after they have started because they can't handle it, or they come off the diet once their weight is off, only to find the weight pile back on again soon afterwards. Permanent weight loss requires permaanent changes. So what changes can be made? You should be looking for multiple small changes to your eating habits, changes that are easy to make and and easy to keep to.

A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself if you will be able to keep to the change for the rest of your life. If you answer yourself "no" then it's probably better not to make the change in the first place, since any gains will be offset once you come away from the change. Try using skimmed milk, sugar substitutes, low-cal soda, in fact there are low-calorie alternatives for many of todays popular foods. Drink more water, eat more fresh fruit and veg. You know this stuff, it's not rocket science, but it does need a commitment from you. Maybe today is the day? No weight loss program can be succesful without exercise.

Even the fad diets all state that their measures will be ineffective without exercise. The "E" word can be pretty scary for many people, because it drums up images of leotards, gymnasiums and lots of sweat. Exercise doesn't have to resemble this somewhat distorted view, there is really only one major point to remember when it comes to exercise; whatever it is, do it EVERY day without fail, (or at least five days a week). So it could be something as simple as walking or cycling.

In the long run, fifteen minute's walk every day is more effective than a two-hour workout in the gym. For most of us the gym workouts will stop at some point in the future - let's face it, we don't need much of an excuse not to go to the gym today, do we? By contrast, a walk is something that we can do every day, without having to give it up. The formula for weight loss is simple, and it always has been: burn more energy than you consume. This can be done through modification of diet or an increase in energy burn - preferably both.

In short, eat less and move more. Loking at the points discussed do far, the top ten tips to lose weight are based on these principles. If you are looking to lose weight fast, this list is not for you.

Yes, it is possible to lose weight fast, but it is highly probable that you will put it all back on as quickly as you lost it. This plan is long term, you should expect to see notable results six to twelve months after starting. This can be quite a demoralizing thought, but remember; a pound lost using this system is a pound lost for good.

1. Forget fad diets they don't work 2. Make a decision to exercise every day. Start tomorrow. Walk, cycle, swim - anything is OK 3. Explore small changes that you can make which will lower your daily energy intake.

4. Stop eating fried food. Whatever you do, DON'T fry, instead, microwave, boil, roast, bake, steam or broil! 5.

Set a time in the evening - say six 0' clock. Make a rule NEVER to eat after that time. 6. Get at least 8 hours' sleep each night. If you are tired during the day you will turn to high energy candiy bars, cakes and cookies to boost your flagging body. 7.

Eat breakfast. You've heard it before, it's old hat. That may be, but the indisputable statistical fact is that the vast majority of permanent weight-losers eat breakfast. So just DO IT! 8. DON'T cut out carbohydrates.

Your body and brain need carbs (NOT from sugar!) so eat them, preferably with fiber, eg wholemeal bread and pasta, potatoes with the skin on. 9. Cut out fat. This is the most significant change you can make.

Fat has a huge calorific value, so do your utmost to find alternatives. Yes, your body needs fat, but don't worry, no matter how hard you try to eliminate it, thanks to today's processed food environment you will always eat a degree of fat. 10.

Don't be impatient, you want to lose weight permanently, not lose weight fast. This is a long term program.

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