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The Effect Of Vitamin C In Tackling Ordinary Cold And Winter Cold

Cold is commonly experienced by many people. It is believed that vitamin C supplements can effectively tackle it, but latest research revealed that the supplements afterall cannot fight cold. During the winter or rainy season, many people would be susceptible to cold within this seasons- a highly contagious ailment caused by several different strains of virus that somehow seem to change from one season to another.

Cold affects all parts of the body, and usually begins in the nose and throat. Cold is due to the virus infections of one type or another. It should also be noted that the common cold is the most prevalent of all the diseases known to man and it is not a respecter of race, age or sex. For instance, if one member of a family has a cold, there is a tendency that if not well treated, other members of the family may be infected.

The allergic disorders of the nose and throat could also make a person more susceptible to cold and other virus infections. "anybody can experience colds at anytime, but it is more common during the wet seasons. Chilling of the body also seem to play a major role particularly in those whose body resistance is already weak. Lack of adequate sleep may be a factor in some people, while the cold virus may be carried by anybody.

But children under six years usually catch cold easily and can pass it to other members of the family. In fact, cold is always more serious in younger children". There is also a general belief that Vitamin C supplements can prevent or treat cold. Many people are also of the opinion that apart from anti-catarrh drugs, vitamin C supplements is very effective in warding off cold and its associated symptoms.

But the fact is that Vitamin C supplements cannot ward off cold as commonly believed. and "the idea that vitamin C supplements can wards off cold is a myth. No evidence found that high doses of the vitamin have any effect against colds for an average person. Also the extra vitamin C is only beneficial for people under extreme physical stress, such as marathon runners and soldiers, who are fifty per cent less likely to catch cold if they take daily supplements.

But for people living normal life, the benefits conferred by Vitamin C is so small that it would not be worth the effort or expense. It does not make any sense to take vitamin C 365 days a year to lessen the chance of a cold." It would also be recalled that vitamin C's reputation for fighting the common cold cannot be justified.

There is no how vitamin C can effectively tackle common colds, although there were hints of possible benefits in some conditions. however, vitamin C can not prevent cold in people taking up to two grammes daily. However, there were slight exceptions because in the number of cold was halved with vitamin C.

The number of cold cut in marathon runners, skiers, and soldiers exposed to cold temperatures and/or physical stress. Those benefits in children who regularly took vitamin C had cold symptoms for fourteen per cent fewer days. But for adults, days with cold symptoms fell eight per cent with regular vitamin C use. The vitamin's cold-shortening pattern was consistent, but it may have questionable significance in the real world.

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